Special Offers

Any department that would like to try an APeX Clip free of charge can do so.  Add a "Hi-Viz Yellow APeX Clip" to your cart by clicking here. Proceed to checkout and enter the coupon "trial" in the coupon field and your order will be free.  The clip will be marked "SAMPLE" AND MIGHT BE ANY COLOR so if you want one without SAMPLE and your choice of color you'll have to buy one.  We will ask for feedback after you've had the chance to use the APeX Clip. Interested in a sample of the new APeX D-Clip?  Click here and add a black APeX D-Clip to your cart. Everything is the same as above except you'll get an APeX D-Clip instead.  Limit one clip per department/customer.

FLEET SPECIAL - Outfit your entire fleet (up to 30 original clips) for just $134.95.  Includes any combination of our colors and up to 10 different texts.  Want to mark your Officer's radios?  No problem! Hydrant, Doorman, Control, Truck, Engine?  Whatever you want it marked, it can be done!  Click this shop link to purchase the Original APeX Clip Fleet Deal.

Need the fleet deal on our NEW APeX D-Clip?  Only $109.95 for a limited time!  Click this link to purchase the APeX D-Clip Fleet Deal. 

If you encounter any problems or have any questions please email info@apexclip.com.

What is the APeX Clip?


The APeX Clip is designed to hold your speaker mic onto your radio.  It's designed primarily for Motorola APX™ radios but will fit on any radio that has a 15mm diameter antenna base.  The APeX Clip will keep your speaker mic secure so it's available when you need it. It also prevents damage to the mic, antenna and cord.


The APeX Clip can be color coded so you can easily know which radio you have.  You can get APeX Clips personalized for your unit, department, truck designation or whatever you want it to say!


The APeX D-Clip is a design that attaches right to the speaker mic itself.  It gives you a generous Key ring that can then go over the antenna.  This design allows you to still use the clip on the speaker mic and you can add a number of accessories onto the ring if you want.


The APeX Clip is custom made on-demand.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order to arrive.  All shipping charges are included in the pricing.