Black APeX Clip
Original Apex Clip
If you need more than 4 APeX Clips please find the correct listing! The APeX Clip:
  • Keeps your mic where you can find it
  • Prevents damage to mic, antenna, and wiring
  • Can be easily stowed when used in IDLH Environments with a holster
  • Keeps radios neat and organized while charging
  • Is very affordable!
  • Can be customized with your department name, logo or unit ID.  (Contact us for pricing)
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Sale! Fleet deal – Original APeX Clip
Fleet deal – Original APeX Clip
Outfit your entire fleet (up to 30 clips).  Includes any combination of our colors and up to 10 different texts.  Want to mark your Officer's radios?  No problem! Station number, Hydrant, Doorman, Control, Truck, Engine?  Whatever you want it marked, it can be done!
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