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Fleet deal – APeX D-Clip


Outfit your entire fleet (30 APeX D-Clips included).  Includes any combination of our colors (Please leave a note with the order).  Get your whole fleet outfitted (and maybe some spares!) for our best price offered.

THIS IS A LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY OFFER. We're looking to get some of these new D-Clips out into the wild. As a bonus – with this offer only – any clips that you manage to break within 90 days of your order will be replaced free! All you need to do is email a picture of the damaged clip and it will be replaced.


Limited time fleet deal

This is a special deal to outfit all your radios.  Choose up to 30 APeX Clips in any combination of colors that we offer.  You can also choose any label (UP to 10 different labels – each with max 7 characters) that will be embedded on the front and back of the clips.  Pick one label for all 30 or pick up to 10 different labels!  Setup fees are waived for this deal!  Need more than 30?  Add 2 to your cart and get up to 60 clips.

Once ordered, we will contact you to gather all the details.

The APeX Clip is sized to fit on a 15mm antenna.  Just slide it on the antenna and clip on your speaker mic.

The clip is not heat resistant and is meant to be used when casually carrying the radio in a pocket or while stored on the truck.  When the radio is to be used in firefighting operations (or any IDLH environment) it is recommended that you use a leather holster, swing the clip in toward the radio (or remove it) and keep the radio under your turnout coat as the manufacturer and best practices suggest.  These clips are not indestructible, but they are easy and cheap to replace.  It’s best to order a few extra!

Price includes shipping via 1st class mail. Faster options may be available. Please contact us for faster shipping or custom work. We can add your logo or unit ID to the side of the APeX Clip!

APeX Clips are made to order. Each order may take up to two weeks to ship. It’s usually much quicker but depends on how many orders are received.

*Radio not included (Ummm…duh.)*


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